Miele W1918 Novotronic clothes washer washing machine

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The Miele W1918 Novotronic clothes washer washing machine

The Miele W1918 Novotronic clothes washer has a tub capacity of 1.71 cubic feet. Under typical conditions, based on a yearly average of 392 loads of laundry, the Miele W1918 Novotronic is estimated to use 267 kilowatts of energy per year. Obviously, this number will vary depending on things like the size of loads that you wash, and temperature at which you wash your clothes. Also, this figure is calculated according to a test done by the US Department of Energy which takes into account the energy consumed by the washer as well as the energy needed to heat the water with an electric water heater. If you use a gas water heater you will probably use fewer kilowatt hours but you will consume gas to heat the water.

Its estimated water use is 5,590 of gallons per year. It is estimated to use 8.3 gallons per cycle, per cubic foot of tub volume. You can use this "per cycle, per cubic foot" to compare washers against each other. The lower the number, the more efficiently the washing machine uses water, assuming your clothes are equally clean after being washed in either washing machine.

Miele, Inc. is located in New Jersey and manufactures clothes washers and dishwashers.

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