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The HP-Compaq FP5315 Monitor

The HP-Compaq FP5315 monitor is manufactured by the Hewlett-Packard Company. The monitor has a 15 inch viewable screen size.

The HP-Compaq FP5315 is a liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor and has a default resolution of 1024x768 dpi (dots per inch). Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have been used for years in things like calculators, cell phones and laptop screens. LCD flat-panel monitors are replacing the older cathode ray tube (CRT) computer monitors. Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are usually smaller, lighter and use less power than cathode ray tube monitors (CRTs).

In sleep mode, the HP-Compaq FP5315 monitor uses 0.61 watts of electricity. When it is turned off, it uses 0.53 watts. When the HP-Compaq FP5315 monitor is active it uses 18.45 watts of electricity.

Hewlett-Packard Company is located in California and manufactures computers, monitors, multi-function devices, printers, faxes, mailing machines, scanners, televisions and video cassette recorders. Hewlett-Packard was received the Excellence in Efficient Products award in 1996 and 1997 and the Green Lights award in 1998.

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