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The Gateway W323-UI1 Computer

The Gateway W323-UI1 Laptop is manufactured by the Gateway, Inc.. The Gateway W323-UI1 Laptop has a Intel Celeron CPU (central processing unit) and runs at a speed of 1700 MHz (megahertz). This means that the computer's microprocessor can run approximately 1700 million cycles per second.

The Gateway W323-UI1 Laptop comes with 1024 megabytes of RAM (random access memory). RAM is usually considered to be a computer's main memory, in other words, the working area the computer uses for displaying and manipulating data. The Laptop has a 60 GB (gigabyte) hard drive. The larger the hard drive, the more data files you can keep on your computer.

In sleep mode, the Gateway W323-UI1 Laptop uses 1.8 watts of electricity. Sleep mode is a way for you to save energy by having your computer shut down all unnecessary components. When the computer comes out of sleep mode, it returns back to the way it was relatively quickly.

Gateway, Inc. is located in California and manufactures computers, monitors, televisions and VCRs.

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